Students from ULIM say Stop Violence!

Ziua Internaţională a non-violenţei sărbătorită în întreaga lume pe 2 octombrie, marchează 143 de ani la nașterea unuia dintre cei mai importanţi lideri doctrinari, Mahatma Gandhi. Acesta afirma că "Non-violenţa este cea mai mare forţă la dispoziţia omenirii."

The international Nonviolence day, celebrated all over the world on October 2, marked 143 years since the birth of the most important pedant leaders, Mahatma Gandhi. He affirmed “Nonviolence is the most powerful force in the world”. On this day, a group of about 70 students from ULIM, professors and specialists in this field, have participated at a roundtable entitled “Domestic violence cannot be tolerated.”

According to Petru Iarmaliuc, student from the 4th year of study, on Faculty of Law and president of the Students Senate ULIM, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” citing the Gandhi. Domestic violence is probably the most harmful, painful and dangerous violence. 

The participants came with ideas and opinions haw to decrease domestic violence. Students also presented the history of violence, its types and consequences. This was a first action of trying to change the situation regarding the violence among young people. Other events on this theme will be organized in December. Violence cannot disappear; it can be decreased, by the actions and attitude of each of us. A sure thing is that those 70 students, participants at the roundtable will be those who will never tolerate domestic violence and neither in society.