National scientific-practical conference with international participation: “Psychosocial interventions in case of diseases of autist spectrum” at ULIM

On November 1st, 2018, ULIM in partnership with “Alecu Russo” State University of Balti, Salvation Anchor Foundation, National Association of Social Experts and Workers of Moldova and “SOS Autism” Public Association have organized the National Scientific-Practical Conference with international participation: “Psychosocial interventions in case of diseases of autist spectrum” that regrouped experts, professors, students and parents.

There were addressed greeting messages by the Associate Professor, Dr. Carolina Galben vice-rector for Strategic Development and Economic Policy, university lecturer, PhD attendant Svetlana Haraz, head of the Department of Social Assistance and Sociology “Nicolae Sali”, Associate Professor, Dr. Gholamali Mohammadifard and Inge Jose Smelik, president of Salvation Anchor Foundation, who have remarked the need to organize similar events for professionals in psychosocial assistance and have appreciated the complexity of approached subject. The works of the conference were structured in sections constituted of public lectures of known experts in the field, as: Olga Bogdashina, international expert in the field of autism (“Sensory perception in autism” and “Methods of intervention in the work with children with autism”), Marina Calac, pediatrician (“Screening in case of disease of autist spectrum and early detection”), Inga Jose Smelik, president of Salvation Anchor Foundation (“Good practices in the assistance of children with autism”), Aliona Dumitras, founder of “SOS Autism” (“Autism – a challenge for the Republic of Moldova), Olga Guzun, administrative director of “SOS Autism” (“Role of parent in therapeutic team”). The specialists have discussed about the children with diseases from autism spectrum and about their social inclusion, atypical interests and behaviors, the manifestations and symptoms of autism, being presented recommendations of surveillance of autist children.

According to the international statistic data, the problem of children with diseases from autist spectrum increases, thus in 2000 the case of children with such disease was 1 of 150 children, then in 2016, the registered number is 1 case of 36 children.  

 Press Service, ULIM