Flash Mob on International Day of Native Language – Promoting cultural and linguistic diversity as exercise of student self-governance

The students from the Faculty of Letters have marked on February 21st the International Day of Native Language. The training activities dedicated to the role and status of native language have culminated in a flash mob of promoting the cultural and linguistic diversity.

The celebration of International Day of Native Language is an excellent exercise of student self-governance, described in the Regulations on the organization and the functioning of student self-governance, approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, points 5 and 6: “(5) Centering on European, national and globally scientific values and standards; (6) Interculturalism and guarantee of ethnical and cultural identity”. We congratulate the 1st year students, group 181 E and the coordinator of this activity, Inga Guscova, university lecturer for the organization and the development of a useful, new and instructive activities.

The program of Student self-government prepared by the students of Faculty relies on activities of promoting the following main principles:

  1. Promoting the harmonized equality of rights, chances and responsibilities of student in developing the university processes of teaching-learning-assessment in balance with permanent self-assessment;

  2. Developing the differentiated pedagogy in educational process of non-discrimination on linguistic, social-economic, ethnical, political, cultural, social-professional, personal and individual criteria etc.;

  3. Cultivating the professional communication, the attitude of equidistance and the equity spirit in the academic dialogue of student-professor, student-student and inter-human relations generally.

Faculty of Letters