Ion Manoli, the distinguished professor who revolutionized the philological education in the Republic of Moldova

The well-known Professor Ion Manoli, PhD of Philology, one of our important scientists in the context of the Romanian space and the francophone, with an academic career of more than half a century, enjoying today the anniversary of fulfilments. On this occasion, the students and teaching staff of ULIM say the traditional-Happy birthday! Mr. Ion Manoli is an educator of the Word, Truth, moral integrity, who never betrays the vocation.

Mr. Ion Manoli is a big name in the spiritual crown of the most renowned Romanian professors, who helped to revolutionize the philological education. He speaks and teaches the French, Russian, Spanish and English languages. Mr. Ion Manoli is an exception professor, with special studies at the prestigious higher education institutions in the former USSR-the Institute of Foreign Languages "Maurice Thorez “ and the Institute of Linguistics of Moscow (diploma of doctor of Philology), with training sessions at the famous University “La Sorbonne” of Paris” , “Paul Valery” University of Montpellier, the Institute of foreign languages in Kiev, State University “M. Lomonosov “ of the Russian capital, the University of Bucharest, the University of Lisbon.

Professor Ion Mole is the author of textbooks and hundreds of scientific articles in specialized magazines in the country and abroad.

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