Commemorative manifestation at ULIM: Academician Andrei GALBEN and the institutional memory”

On December 14th, 2018 it took place at ULIM the commemorative event themed “Academician Andrei Galben and the institutional memory” as homage and gratitude paid to the regretted Rector, Founder of ULIM Andrei Galben.

The event was marked by the opening of the bas-relief of the regretted rector, a sculptured installed on the frontispiece of the event and the launch of the volume “In memoriam Andrei Galben: Omul-Legenda”(“In memoriam Andrei Galben: A Legend”). The event had as guests personalities from the public and cultural life of the Republic of Moldova, representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in the Republic of Moldova, personalities of the academic community, didactic-scientific corps of ULIM, relatives, friends, students and graduates.

In his opening speech, the rector, Associate professor, dr. Ilian Galben has highlighted: “Any man has a model in his life. I am happy that my father was and remains a model of life and administrator of institution; he was the man who has programmed for success, he was an incurable optimist, he had an enormous capacity to concentrate big things, to make firm decisions that he rarely reviewed (…), a man who measured himself with the institutions, the authorities and the circumstances could not discourage him. He built a visible and strong institution. Today, his success became ours. The feelings we feel intensely today are: respect for pat and hope for future.”

By her speech, university professor, dr. hab. Elena Prus, vice-rector for Scientific Research and Doctoral Studies has honored the memory of the academician Andrei Galben: “The time of the Rector Andrei Galben incarnated the ideal and the realizations of an ambitious public and academic project. Under his administration was set up the pioneer trajectory in the Republic of Moldova of the alternative education through the Free University of Moldova. For the principled and the reformer rector founder Andrei Galben, ULIM was a credo and the opening of the university meant a programmed manifest of his vision and activity. ULIM became an institution which he knew to make it shine through his perseverant exigency. Nothing changed the initial concept, his request has strengthened in a quarter of century of creating existence. The recall of  Andrei Galben founding activity remain inscribed in the institutional memory as His Highness has immured dedicatedly in this academic project!”

With a message from the part of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova has come university professor, dr. hab. Gheorghe Postica, the chief of the Cabinet of the Minister of Education, Culture and Research: “Rector Andrei Galben was a man with initiative who always helped those close to him, leaving a bright memories. I express the satisfaction and the gratitude for what he did for all of us.” The president of Rectors’ Council of Moldova, academician Grigore Belostenici, rector of ASEM, has underlined the fact that the academician Andrei Galben always has his own opinion, insistence and solutions for different difficulties: “He was a true patriot of the Republic of Moldova. He wanted to cover the entire world, he succeeded in many things, the others have to be made by us, those who remained.”

Associate professor, dr. Alexei Barbaneagra, representative of the Strategic Council of ULIM has evoked his incursion in the foundation process of ULIM and has recalled all distinctive features of the personality of the rector A. Galben: “He was a fighter, he was a person with well-determined purposes. He always trusted human.” University professor, dr. hab. Smochina Andrei, co-founder of ULIM and academician Gheorghe Rusnac have transmitted homage words in the name of the ideal of development of the education and national research and they have transposed preserved images with the regretted Andrei Galben.

The commemoration manifestation was honored by the presence of the Consul NaifJassim Alabduljabbar from the Embassy of Qatar in the Republic of Moldova: “Rector Andrei Galben left an imprint and a consistent patrimony, especially for the education system of the country”. The director of the “Confucius” Institure of ULIM, Wang Yifeng and the responsible for the Antenna from Chisinau of the University Agency of Francophony Roxana Turcanu have communicated about the success of the partnerships established with the rector Andrei Galben in order to strengthen and to diversify the long-lasting international collaborations in university space.

In his plea, academician Nicolae Dabija has revealed: “Rector Andrei Galben was a man of restructuration. I have more arguments in this sense: he opened windows toward world, windows of the Republic of Moldova. For many of us, His Highness has provided lectures of courage and humanity. I believe and believed that A. Galben was a person of new ideas, who considered that the education of the Republic of Moldova may regenerate only by new ideas. I have always appreciated Andrei Galben for his actions of peculiar courage.”

Amongst successful graduates of ULIM who took the word was Alexandru Esaulenco, deputy director of Security and Intelligence Service of the Republic of Moldova; associate professor, dr. Ludmila Coada, director of Doctoral School of Humanistic, Political and Communications Sciences of ULIM and dr. Valentina Ciumacenco, vice-rector for International Relations, expressing therefore the gratitude and the appreciation for the considerable efforts of the founder of ULIM Andrei Galben made in the scientific-organization and didactic activity of the institution.

Relatives and colleagues of the regretted academician Andrei Galben were made within the manifestations and namely: university professor, dr. hab. Constantin Solomon, who referred to the qualities of the friend and the colleague Andrei Galben – hardworking, exceptional manager, mentor of a high quality didactic staff: “We hope that those ideals, those plans, objectives scribed by Andrei Galben will continue to be realized by the current administration”. Associate professor, dr. Svetlana Rusnac, dean of the Faculty of Social and Education Sciences has mentioned: “Rector Andrei Galben has managed to realize the impossible by the creation of this university, strengthening it and making it known beyond the borders of the country as one of the high education institution that could come with innovation, courage, it affronted old, hard things that seemed to be as strongholds, but he won. What we have today is a heritage that we have to increase and develop.”

A year without the Rector Andrei Galben was for ULIM a year of the capitalization of his activity and material and immaterial creation englobed in the commemorative volume “In memoriam Andrei Galben: Omul-Legenda” (In memoriam Andrei Galben: A Legend), which evokes and confesses his impressive activity, appreciations of national and international institutions he had collaborated with, made by his relatives, didactic-scientific corps and reflections that the personality and the works of His Highness still continues to project. The studies-will of history and education, governance and reformation, national and international policy of the regretted Academician Andrei Galben.

Associate professor, dr. Carolina Galben, vice-rector for Strategic Development and Economic Policy has underlined in her speech: “The scientist, the academician Andrei Galben has not lived his life simply, he sacrificed it, giving us the lit torch in order to aspire and persevere. His books were always fundamental pillars, beside his courage and trust in humans. Knowing His Credo in Its Seniority the Book, we acknowledged that it will not be easy to write a book In Memoriam. We risked and, as we believe, we managed to create a valuable volume. We mention that the volume of the book may be accessed online on the site of our institution and it will be available in national libraries and in those from abroad.”

Beyond the palpable and immortalized substance in studies, pictures and registrations, let us center on the deep significance of exemplary realizations left as heritage to the academic community by the founder of ULIM Andrei Galben.

Press Service, ULIM