Master class “How to create an account in Google Scholar”

On January 31st, 2019, the Library Science and Information Department has organized a master-class themed “How to create an account in Google Scholar”, which has regrouped young researchers and professors of ULIM faculties.

Irina Botnaru, director of Department has provided useful information on the advantages of Google Scholar as to increase the visibility of researchers, to generate freely the bibliographic references, to monitor the number of quotations of own publications, and others. The students have founded out also that Google Scholar is a huge virtual library with academic materials and scientific publications from the entire world, having a simple mechanism of accessing the resources. Associate professor, Dr. Elena Railean has mentioned during the event that she is a user of this service, which provides her the possibility to explore the works from the entire world, to follow the recent evolutions from different fields of research and to verify who is quoting her publications.

Google Scholar is a free available tool that works from November 2004 and allows the study of articles, theses, books, summaries and opinions from academic publishing houses, professional societies, universities and web sites in all formats and disciplines.

Press Service, ULIM