Promoting ULIM in South Korea, an important academic project

Students from South Korea are in academic mobility for a semester at ULIM – Jisu Kim and Yeseo Yoon from Gimencheon University as scholars at Faculty of Psychology, Sciences of Education and Social Assistance and Seo Hui Ji of Hannam University at Faculty of Economic Sciences. The young girls study at ULIM on the basis of partnership agreements with the well-known Korean universities.

Mr. Han Ho Jin, director of the Center of Korean Language and Culture Se Jong of ULIM, mentions that the students, who came in the Republic of Moldova, are willing to know, especially, how the economy, the tourism, the social assistance and pedagogy from here are developing. The scholars from Korea will benefit of intensive academic program, with internships and a cultural program of maximum interest at ULIM and at its partners institutions – University A.I. Cuza of Iasi, University Stefan cel Mare of Suceava and South Ukrainian Pedagogical University K.D. Usinskii of Odessa.

We mention that at the end of August, a group of students of ULIM left as scholars at Korean universities. More than 60 young people from here have studied in South Korea since 2008, the opening of Center of Korean Language and Culture Se Jong at ULIM. For more details, follow the link: New scholars of ULIM in the South Korea.

The Service of Marketing and Communication, ULIM