Students of the Faculty of Letters have participated in a “carte blanche” meeting with the writer, translator and cultural journalist Emilian Galaicu Paun

On December 13th, 2018 the Faculty of Letters has regrouped the Francophone students in the Center of University Success of ULIM for a review meeting of literary portfolios 2018.

The guest of honor was the writer, essayist, translator, trilingual reader and cultural journalist Emilian Galaicu-Paun. The host has given a “carte blanche” to the author who made a cultural-literary review of the reference year, he has spoken about the actualities of the literary world, about the bilingual or multilingual peculiarities of the authors, editors and prose and poetry editions.

“I feel myself very ULIM” has declared the author, answering full of spirit and interest to all questions of the students. The range of interactions was different, from autobiographic elements to professional aspects: “which was the first literary experience?”, “which are the literatures that inspired you to become a writer and that have marked you?”, “what inspires you the most to make poetry?”, “which are the exercise and successful methods for the translation activity?” etc. The answers were wide, complete and full of generous advices. It is important for a poet to read a lot good prose and for a translator it is essential to be realist, to be auto-critical, to consider the profession as a way of being, a method of reacting and a way of behaving, has asserted the guest, highlighting that a good translator is the one who knows how to communicate with the writers and the poets, how to compete with the professionals from the field even from the beginning and to be in a continuous competition.

“The theme “Carte blanche” will be kept as headliner for new meetings in 2019 with modern authors, translators, journalists and polyglots. Within these editions the participants will exercise the right to free expression and action perfectly assumed. The name is proposed in order to transmit to the students and guests, professionals of different fields that the organized event is an opportunity to express freely, to assume a position by respecting the opinion and the position of the speakers”, has explained the dean of the Faculty of Letters, Dr., Associate professor Carolina Dodu-Savca. The readers from the Faculty of Letters has proposed itself to promote the learning through active lecture and meetings with authors who are engaged readers and the students be encouraged to define the lecture by the slogan “Reading means for me…”.

Faculty of Letters