ULIM Organizes the International Scientific Conference “Universitas Europae: Toward a Society of Knowledge through Europeanization and Globalization”

On October 16th, 2018, ULIM organizes the International Scientific Conference “UniversitasEuropae: Toward a Society of Knowledge through Europeanization and Globalization”.

The event aims at commemorating the founder and the rector of ULIM Academician Andrei Galben (1992-2017), university professor, Dr. hab. in history, eminent personality of education from the Republic of Moldova and unique mark by his lectures-testament of history, governance, management, reformation and internationalization. The theme of the plenary session “Dialogue of Civilizations: Paradigms, Representations and Practices” corresponds to the vision of the Academician Andrei GALBEN, who was the adept of “theories of ensembles”, preoccupied of globalization, multipolar worlds and “ideals of a united world”.

There will be hold on October 16th – 18th the sessions of Doctoral School in Economic, Social Sciences and Information Technologies (16/17.10.2018), Doctoral School in Humanitarian, Political and Communication Sciences (17.10.2018), Doctoral School of Law (18.10.2018) and Information and Library Science Department (18.10.2018) that will organize thematic scientific conferences in which will participate institutional partners and professors from abroad (Romania, France, Spain, USA, Israel, Switzerland, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, Qatar, Germany, Australia, Hungary, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus).

The working languages of the conference: Romanian, Russian, English and French. More details may be found in Program.

Press Service, ULIM