Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences – Doctorate (PhD)

The acces to Doctorate cycle is possible on the basis of master degree diploma. Doctorate represents the university cycle of research by excellence. Duration of studies at the doctorate cycle is 3 years of full-time learning and 4 years of part-time learning. Studies at doctorate level have no credits. The doctorate (PhD) student should apply a dossier in order to be admitted to studies.

The qualification that denotes the completion of IIIrd Cycle are given to students that:

have demonstrated a systematic understanding of the field of study, of the aptitudes and research methods peculiar to the respective field;
have demonstrated skills of conception, design, implementation and modification of the research process;
have made contributions through the original research that extends the knowledge frontier by developing a substantial compartment of the activity, the results of which deserve to be published at national and international levels;
are able to carry out a critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis of new ideas;
are able to exchange specialized knowledge with their colleagues, with a wide audience of scholars, and with society as a whole;
are able in the future to promote knowledge within the academic and professional, technological, social or cultural contexts.